From the Genealogical Book of Watertown, Mass.

Benjamin Garfield, son of Edward Garfield, was given a commission of Captain in the Colonial Militia by the Governor of Massachusetts.  He was also elected 9 times to the Colonial Legislature.

A copy of the autographs of Capt. Benjamin Garfield and his 2nd wife Elizabeth.  Notice they used the old way of spelling Garfield-Gearfield.

Talking about the Samuel Garfield born 1634, Samuel Garfield was "a large athletic man, well recollected by many of our old people for his sallies of wit, feats of strength, and cheerful disposition".

Talking about the Samuel Garfield born 1690, "Ensign Samuel Garfield was selectman of Watertown, MA in 1722 and again in 1729."

The dividing of the land, into lots in 1635 "The next west, bounded on the w. by the highway, was the 6 A. lot granted to Edward Garfield.  It was his residence.

Land sales recorded in 1650  a 40 A. lot granted to Rev. George Phillips, and by his heirs sold to Edward Garfield.  This was bounded on the west by the Driftway, which was the boundary between the Small Lots and the Beaver Brook Plowlands.  In the Little Plain, near Sudbury Road.  In the late times it became the elegant residence of Governor Gore, and now belongs to J.S. Dopley Green, Esq.  (1855)

Recorded land sales:

Hither Plain, next the river
G. Munnings 6 A. to E. Garfield  (1644)

Hither Plain, North Range
J. Loveran 20 A. to B. Garfield

The 2nd dividing of lots  July 25, 1636  bounded on S. by the Squadron (Division) Line, Edward Garfield 30 A.

For voting privileges and for a say in the local government of Watertown, you had to be admitted as a Freeman of Watertown, plus admitted previous to the Union Of The Colonies of Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay.  In order for such admission, you had to be male and it was necessary to be a church member.

Date of Admission as Freeman of Watertown:

Edward Garfield          May 6, 1635
Joseph Garfield          April 18, 1690
Benjamin Garfield    April 18, 1690

Edward Garfield, (a selectman) also Freeman in 1635  died June 1672, he was a grantee of 8 lots, and a purchaser of 4 lots before 1644.

Samuel Garfield Died 1684  in 1644 proprietor of 3 lots, grants to his father, Ed.

Uncle Abram, a great uncle to Pres. Garfield had fought at Concord Bridge.  He along with John Hoar was selected as witnesses who had been requested by Continental Congress to show that British Government made first illegal aggression.

(Chautauqua County Genealogical Society Newsletter:  Vol 16  #3, Aug 1993.)  Garfield, Minot  (Hoyt)  enlisted private, Company D, 112th  New York Infantry.  Promoted to Corporal Feb 8, 1865.  Discharged Jun 13, 1865.

From the "New England Genealogical & Historical Register" of Jan 1862 under CURRENT EVENTS:  Victory of Brig. Gen. James A. Garfield, with about 1800 men over Humphrey Marshall, with a force of about 2500 Rebels, near Prestonburg, KY.

Just a coincidence, or were the first settlers of French Creek, New York the Descendants of the original settlers of Watertown, Mass.  We find the same names in both settlements.

Bemis                                      Edwards                              Ives
Cady                                          Gallup                               Reed
Cheney                                    Garfield                             Sherman
Coburn                                     Gleason                              White
Cooper                                     Green                                 Whitney
Cutting                                     Hubbard

In the early records of the Watertown, Massachusetts area you will find marriages of Garfield/Bemis  Garfield/Whitney  Garfield/Gleason  and at least one Garfield/Garfield (cousins).

The Oath of Freeman agreed upon at the General Court, May 14, 1634.
(Oath taken by Edward Garfield on May 6, 1635)

I, A&B, being by God's providence an inhabitant and freeman within the jurisdiction of this common weale, do freely acknowledge myself to be subject to the government thereof, and therefore do hereby swear by the great and dreadful name of the ever-living God that I will be true and faithful to the same, and will accordingly yield assistance and support thereunto, with my person and estate, as in equity I am bound, and will also truly endeavor to maintain and preserve all the priviledges and liberties thereunto, submitting myself to the wholesome laws made and established by the same. And further, that I will not plot nor practise any evil against it, nor consent to any that shall be so done, but will timely discover and reveal the same to lawful authority now here established for the speedy preventing thereof. Moreover, I do solemnly bind myself in the sight of God that when I shall be called to give my voice touching any such matter of this State, wherein Freemen are to deal, I will give my vote and suffrage as I shall in my own conscience judge best to produce and tend to the public weale of the body, without respect of persons or respect of any man. So help me God in the Lord Jesus Christ.

A powder horn in wonderful condition has been passed down thru the family, and is now with my cousin Rosemary Garfield Schwartz, who inherited it from her Father, my Father's oldest brother.  On it it says "AARON GARFIELD  HIS HORN ANNO 1752.  I  know his brother Moses had one dated I think 1747 so the brothers had horns close together.  Rosemary is not interested in geneology, but now that she knows she has a treasure is delighted to have it.  I wish it were mine, but it is nice to know that it has been kept all these years, and in such great condition., (Moses 505F, Aaron 505G)
   Marilyn Garfield Stilllman