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This Site is Researched & Maintained by:  Dick Garfield & Jim Fagerburg

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This site was last updated on: September 7, 2018
Unidentified Family Members
Welcome to "GARFIELD FAMILIES OF AMERICA", our long term goal is to have listed every Garfield that has ever lived in America. A place where any Garfield can come to and find his, or any family member's  name and see where he/she fits into the Garfield Family Tree. This is a huge undertaking and can only be done with your help.

We are looking for  names with as much information as far as parents, grandparents,
children and grandchildren  that can be supplied with each name. A whole family branch is very welcome for sure. Also we are looking for wills, of  which we have set aside a special place. 
To the left you will see buttons entitled History, Bits & Pieces, Wills, Garfields in America, Unidentified Family Members, Links and Pictures. Anyone having information or pictures to add to any of these sites please let us know.

To the right you will see buttons listing branches of the Garfield Family Tree. If you have
a complete branch starting with Edward Garfield to the present, let us know and we will
make room to add it here.

Also all names are listed in the Garfields in America site index, along with DOB - DOD and spouse if available. And, everybody is given a reference number for easier research. 
Any names or groups of names that we receive and we cannot see where they fit within
the growing family tree we are listing them in Unidentified Family Members, hoping that
someone can supply us with enough information to place them where they belong. 

As you look over this site, if you have any information that will help us reach the goal
that we are trying for, e-mail one of us and lets get it listed, lets make this the largest
"tree " on the internet!! 


////  NOTICE  ////
The information recorded here has been received from many individual family sources
and other publications , therefore we can not in any way guarantee it's authenticity.
It is the responsibility of those who use the file to verify its accuracy.
            OF AMERICA
Let us know you were here, please sign our guest book.
Updating the website to include more information and with the goal of making a more interactive community of researchers looking to explore their Garfield roots.

To that end, I am working on new layouts and graphics.  I have a very basic outline up in a testing mode for those who would like to see and I welcome any comments. 

I have also created a Community Room you can access from the main page where people can talk among themselves about their research.  Categories in the Room are broken down by subject matter and you can sign in to the service using multiple services most people already have like Facebook, Google and Yahoo.  

Instead of a newsletter, I would like to try to get a blog going where I will post about updates on the site and on the research.   I am looking for a few people who would like to submit posts as well to keep it active.  If anyone is interested, you can email me and I can set you up as a guest blogger on the site.  

Garfield Family History

​I am always looking for information and I am especially interested in old family photographs and family stories. Feel free to send them to me so I can add them into the site as I go.  

We used to have quite a community of researchers and I am hoping that by making this more interactive, by adding photos and scans of original documents, and bringing research news out on a regular basis with the blog I can get everyone back involved in our quest to discover and preserve our heritage.  

I have a ton of documents that I am currently going through to match the records with the information that we have been given over the years from visitors to this site. Something to the tune of 37,000 files that I am sifting through and matching and formatting so that they can eventually be displayed on the site in PDF format as you can see in a couple of examples in the new site above. This format allows you to zoom in and out and copy and print all from the viewer on the web page.  

As I am sure this will be a very slow process for me, I will be more than happy to look through my files if anyone has something they would like me to check or send them a copy of a record. I will have a complete index of what record collections I have on the new site.  

I plan to make the Garfield's in America section that my grandfather was working on into more of a book like format that I hope eventually to be able to have published in the future, once most of the data has been confirmed and sources noted.  

I appreciate any input and feed back and I hope that you all start checking back often for new stuff. I will try to keep new information added posted in the blog so that you won't have to look through the whole site to find what has been added.  

For those out there looking to connect with other family members and researchers, the Community Room is perfect for starting conversations and a place to post questions for others to see and help on instead of our old guestbook. I hope we can get some lively participation from our followers and researchers. I do not plan on responding much if at all in the room as I have more than enough to do with working on the site but I intend it as a place for everyone else to come together to help each other out and I will certainly be reading and monitoring the rooms for information and appropriate use. Please use them responsibly and be polite and respectful.  

It is also my hope to start attracting the younger generations and get them interested in their heritage, and to help in uncovering and carrying on our family's history. 

Welcome everyone to our updated home on the internet and happy researching!

Please spread the word and lets get everyone working together.